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About Us

RMS or Ruby Media Solusindo is built and developed together by experienced young professionals to provide the best solutions for each of our clients.

With more than 5 years of software development experience we offer quality, timely and affordable software development.

We excelled in building custom application and information system. We work closely with various clients, from small and medium-sized business, to enterprise corporations and public sectors.

Our working culture and team will help you to form a well-designed architecture, develop a suitable business process, and wrap it with a beautiful, dynamic, and intuitive User eXperience.

Our Services

Focused on delivery of IT Services, we help our clients meet their needs to increase their productivity.


We build application for Inter/Intranet Portal, Document Control Management System (DCMS), Early Warning System (EWS), etc


We provide infrastructure services like Identity Management, Mail System, Communication System, Monitoring System, Setup OnPremise/Cloud/Hybrid Environment

Data Analytics

Optimizing our data analytics solutions for your business will improve quality of decision making because of right information from business data.

Mobile App

We build Mobile Applications for Android or / and iOS Platform.

Internet of Things

We can help you to realtime monitoring from existing IoT device.

System Integrator

We can help you with using existing bundled app or CMS that will meet your requirement.

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